ALEQUI offer our customers a wide and exclusive range of horse equipment of the highest quality. Our goal is to create bridles, browbands, halters and other horse equipment with a classic and modern touch. Quality, fit and function is very high priority, and our products are selected with care.

We want to do stylish and elegant products to work for both the everyday life and at the competitions. The idea is to offer a wide range of top quality equipment for a good price.

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All products are made with great care, where we carefully followed and affected products from concept, design and manufacturing to finally reach the customer. We care about the environment and why it is important that the products are made in the best way. For this reason we have chosen to use vegetable-tanned leather.

We are only using exclusively English, vegetable tanned leather of the highest quality. The saddle pads is 100% ECO. The fabric is dyed in organic colors, completely free of dangerous and environmentally hazardous substances. The factory manufactures these are certified, which means that they are approved by the employees working for the materials they work with. Environmentally certified. We focus on quality before quantity, which is important for sustainable development.

We want to be able to use ALEQUI´s saddle pad for several years, and have bridles and leather accessories that only gets better with age.

Alexandra Lundegård

My name is Alexandra Lundegård, creator of ALEQUI Equestrian. A genuine interest in horses and equipment, awareness is the basis of ALEQUI, where my vision is to develop horse equipment of the highest quality, in a sustainable way.

I have spent several years in the international fashion world, and worked with some of the world‘s biggest fashion brands in Paris and Milan. It has given me interesting insight into the thoughts and work behind big campaigns, which I try to apply in ALEQUI.

My vision is to develop first-class equipment in classic elegance, with a touch of innovative design.

Om Alequi, Alexandra Deimion