Care instructions

Leather care
Our products are made of top quality leather and stitched by hand. For that your product will last and only get more beautiful with age, it is important to proper and careful maintenance. Keep in mind that light brown leather can become darker by greasing and oiling.

All our products are treated with a protective and nourishing wax.

Clean the leather after each use with a gentle cleaning, such Effax Leather-combi. This is to remove the dirt and keep the leather soft. Usually it is enough for the leather will regain its luster and smoothness. Polish with a clean cotton towel for extra fine finish.
After cleaning, we recomment Effax leather conditioner. This needed to be done after extreme sweating, then the salt will dry out the leather or if the leather starts to feel dry.
Oil is recommended only a few times a year, if it is necessary!
Care of crystals

The crystals should be kept clean to shine fully. We recommend to polish with a soft cloth. If necessary, rinse them easily in warm water and a little detergent, rinse and dry immediately afterwards to avoid water stains on them.

Look over the metal brackets to the crystals, then they can be opened during cleaning, or stuck in the fringe. If that happened, gently bend them back.

Manage your product carefully. All browbands are made by hand.